CSR - Our Society, Our Responsibility

JAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL (CBSE) - A Non- Profitable Organization :

We recognize children are the seeds of tomorrow and our nation's existence is based on this future generation. Amarprakash's Jain Public School (CBSE) is a non- profitable organization designed to create a vibrant and prosperous society. We provide quality education to our children and emphasis their right to live, grow and develop properly so that their voices will be heard.


Construction organizations play a vital role in the development of local communities through sustained investment and development in the built environment. We recognize how important our responsibilities are in carrying out this role and we continue to positively contribute to the society development by assisting the economically backward students, through fees, books and free health checkup camps irrespective of caste or creed. On larger scale the company is providing jobs to over 2000 & above, directly & indirectly there by giving chance to individuals to live with dignity. Indeed affirming a tangible commitment to social responsibility and ethical citizenship in the community. We actively encourage our people to involve themselves in the local communities where they work, either through volunteer activities in local organizations and charities or by participating in local business groups and educational establishments in sharing knowledge and experience.

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