CSR - Our Society, Our Responsibility


Healthcare is very important towards the pursuit of happiness. Active society can be built only by healthy individuals. Our hospital, Amarprakash Foundations Charitable Hospital (Orthopedic and Panchakarma) is not economically driven; it is a non-profitable organization run to meet the society's needs in terms of medical care and prevention. The overall purpose of our non-profitable hospital is to "do good" for the benefit of our community.


We are fully committed to a process of comprehensible, continuous improvement in pursuit of health and safety excellence. Robust systems and controls enable us to proactively manage our health and safety activity with the aim of achieving zero accidents. In addition, we have extended our social responsibility to the society through mobile health care service. Several highly equipped Primary health care ambulance vans are serving the humanity. In addition to this many health camps has been organized from general to specialist examines. Also a successful field guide for detection, management and surveillance of impurities in potable water has been executed since water is the primary source of malicious infections and by the fact that it is the vital source of life.

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