The history of AMARPRAKASH goes back around 1950's when Lt. Shri. Amarchand Surana, involved in creating innovative business, products and services including Business of Finance and Real Estate Investments. In addition to this, he took his first step towards the Electrical manufacturing under the name "Allied Industries" in 1970's believing that electrical would be the wave of future. The products which they produced proved immensely popular, earning the company the reputation for the high quality at affordable prices.

The next generation Entrepreneur Our Chairman, Mr. Sudhir Kumar Surana, a prominent member of the community, a Religion & Social activist, continued the legacy and also setup a new business in mid-1980's into Automobile Sector which at that time was quite new to Chennai. He diversified his interest into various sectors of Finance business like Automobile, Real Estate, Personal Loans etc., and hence worked around the clock to keep on Progress Schedule. Dissatisfied by the lack of challenge and his eagerness to contribute to the development of the society and the improvement of people's lives, in 2004 he expanded his interest into Real Estate Sector from finance to also infrastructure & Property Development and set his sights on making quality homes affordable to the average earners because owning a home were considered luxury and were too expensive for most people.

Our Managing Director, Mr. Aadarsh Kumar Surana got the inspiration from his forefathers. With his father's words of caution and encouragement about the life he has to face in this real estate industry, he took the company AMARPRAKASH Developers to higher altitude, undaunted by the meager resources with just few members recruited through word of mouth. With less than 10 years, at present, the company has evolved and developed in to one of the leading real estate companies in Southern India with more than 750 professional's team.

The fact which engineered the Ideology of Our Managing Director is the willingness to offer better living to people with a sense of security, comfort and joy in a sustainable way. The basic management objective of the company is to devote to work has resulted in innovative and superior products. The first project was and soon it proved to be the best in the market and made all the hard work worthwhile. From then on, AMARPRAKASH Developers have been just giving best products and services with high value for money to all its customers.

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