Hi amarprakash team,
We feel that buying a home here in this location is a good investment opportunity. Mainly, after seeing the company’s reputation and quality we have decided to buy a home at Temple Waves.

Mr. Prabhakaran & Family - M-736

We bought a home for my son, and mainly it is for an investment purpose. The budget price has really attracted us to buy a home at the Temple Waves project.

Mr. Ramakrishnan & Mrs. Ishwarya - J-226

I feel happy to gift a home for my kid. As a parent, we would like to give a best future for our child. We were attracted especially with all the 66 kids’ amenities, which made us to buy a home at Temple Waves.

Mr. Gopinath & Mrs. Lavanya - M-434

Hi, as I am also a builder I choose Amarprakash’s “Temple Waves”, as their construction quality is good. Moreover, the project is very close to the city limit, and the best part of the project would be the 66 kid’s amenities.

Mrs. Divya & Family - J-234

Actually, we just went to visit the Amarprakash’s Temple Waves. After seeing many amenities for kids and the Jain CBSE School within the project, we have decided to book a home. Today, we feel very happy to buy a home here. Thanks Amarprakash Builders!

Mrs. Kanagapriya & Family - Block J-610

I bought the home for my grandson, we like the place on the first visit itself. Already, we have booked a home for one of my friends in Suncity project. So, I knew very well about your company. In future, when my grandson reaches 4 years, he will be good while mingling with many children in the community. Moreover, I have been living in this locality since I born, and I am seeing Amarprakash builders from my past few years. Further, it took just 5 minutes to reach from GST road. Today, we feel very happy to buy a home in Temple Waves. Our Hearty Thanks to Amarprakash Developers!

Mr.Srinivasan & Family - M-504

For the past few days, we were seeing the Amarprakash ads through TV and newspapers. However, today only we called them and planned for a visit to the “Temple Waves” project. Finally, after seeing their construction quality, amenities and facilities we really feel very happy to buy our home here in Temple waves. Thanks Amarprakash Team!

Anandi & Family, K-513

We feel happy to see the amenities available in Temple Waves. As a gated community apartment, here we can get good water, calm surrounding and pollution free environment. Moreover, the project is very close to the airport and railway station.

Mr Baby Mathai & Mrs.Bindu Mathai - C-512

We came to know about this residential project after seeing the advertisements. After coming here, we felt so much happy to see many families wishing to buy their homes in Amarprakash’s Temple Waves. The interesting reason is that, this place has many temples very close-by, and of course, it is a blessing for everyone who resides here. Especially, we are gifting this home for our loving son.

Mr. Radhakrishnan & Family - G-601

We came here after seeing the TV and paper ads. First, we just came to have a look at the project and availability. After that we were attracted by the price, construction quality and kids amenities. Now we are feeling happy to buy a home at Temple Waves. I prefer this as a good investment opportunity.

Mr.Rajasekhar & Family - G-629

We just came to visit the project, but after seeing, we were extremely happy to buy a home at Temple Waves. Also, the project is located very close to my office and it has easy access to IRR and ORR. Moreover, this is a gated community project, which gives utmost safety for our kids.

Mr. Prabhu & Family - M-648

Hi, I am Hari, this is our first home and we feel very lucky to buy a home at Chennai Temple Waves. I would like to thank Amarprakash for offering such a good investment opportunity, as the other properties in the city are expensive. I have gifted the home for my parents, as there are many temples surrounded by this location.

Mr. Hari Haran - M-340

Hi, I am so happy now, as we bought a home at Temple Waves only for my kid. We bought it mainly after seeing all the kids’ facilities.

Mrs. Nallamai & Family - M-545

For this rate, I hope it is not possible to get a home anywhere in India, the reasonable price and genuineness made me to choose Amarprakash Temple Waves. Also, we get nearby advantages like, airport and railway station. Moreover, it is a better investment option for all.

Mr. Natarajan & Family - J-122

Hi Friends, buying a house here is a great deal, and with a location like this and many of kids’ amenities here, I think it is definitely going to be a great asset especially for the children.

Mr.Balamurugan & Family - G-526

Hi, I feel proud today to buy a home at the Temple Waves project. We have decided to buy an apartment in this place because of the lush and calm surroundings, which gives us a pollution-free life.

Mr.Kamalesh Kumar – M-437

This is our first home in Chennai. We love the Temple Waves project mainly because of the kid’s amenities. As the project is located very close to the temples, we hope a good year ahead for us.

Mrs. Ranjani & Family - B-411

Hi, I am Vignesh, I bought an apartment today at Temple Waves, and it was purely on my wife decision. Earlier, we were trying to book in phase 2, but we missed it. We are feeling so lucky today to buy in phase 3. Thanks Amarprakash team!

Mr.Vignesh & Family - C-211

We are so happy today, for buying a home at the Amarprakash’s Temple Waves Phase 3. The project is located in a very nice surrounding. Especially, the facilities like car parking, Jain public school and all kids' amenities that available within the Temple Waves project.

Mrs. Pathmavathi - J-119

As a first home, the reasonable price and the trust we have on Amarprakash brand is the only factor made us to buy a home at Temple Waves.

Mr. Jaya Prabhakar – M-509

Actually, we were searching to buy a home in and around Tambaram. The rate that Amarprakash offers is very reasonable when comparing with other builders. I would like to refer some of my friends & relatives. We feel great now to buy a home at Temple Waves.

Mr.Sivakumar and Family - C-408

Hi, I am Ramachandran I’m currently living in Triplicane. Due to heavy congestion in that area, we are facing drinking water problems for the past few years. Thus, to live in a peaceful environment with all the facilities, we chose Amarprakash’s Temple Waves. Further, Amarprakash is the most trusted brand, which has received many awards in construction industry. We feel lucky now to own a house in Temple Waves.

Mr.Ramachandran & Family – C308

We have been looking to buy a home in Chennai for a long time. Owing to the brand name and trust on Amarprakash Developers, we took a decision to buy a home in Temple Waves.

Mr.Chandrasekharan - M-314

We feel so happy for buying a home, as this is a first asset for our family. Especially the kid’s amenities made us to prefer buying a home at Temple Waves. Further, I would refer this to my friends & relatives to buy a home in this project.

Mr.Krishnakumar - G-714

Before visiting the project, I asked my friends who have already booked their homes at Temple Waves. The competitive price range has made me to buy a home at Temple Waves. Now I am completely satisfied.

Mr. Sree Hari - F-610

We came for site-visit, as one of my friends referred me about this Temple Waves project. Now, we bought a home in Temple Waves as it met the requirements of our needs. Besides, the on-time delivery of Amarprakash Developers has made us to buy a home with confidence.

Mr. Harish & Family - G-421

I was very much impressed with the Temple Waves project. Especially, the location and good connectivity with airport and ORR. As this is my first asset, I bought it as an investment for future.

Mr.Harish (Wipro) – K-726

The exclusive clubhouse with lots of amenities have made me to take a decision to buy an apartment at Temple Waves.

Mr. Sruthi Kamarajugadda - B-208

I bought a home at Amarprakash's Temple Waves because of the hi-fi amenities for the entire family. Apart from it, there are 66 amenities for kids, which will make them to grow in a nurturing environment. Also, the offer price of 19 lakhs is a great deal.

Mr. Balaji & Family - G-527

Hi, i am Mukesh Kumar, i just came for enquiring about price but after seeing the approach of Amarprakash team, i took the decision to buy Apartment.

Mukesh Kumar

Mr. Laxmanaan - Chennai, i feel proud for dedicating a apartment as a gift for my daughter at Temple Waves.


Hi i am Prasanna Lakshmi, i bought this for my sweet kid, my decision is purely after getting impressed with the ‎kids ‎amenities‬ at Temple Waves.

Prasanna Lakshmi

I booked a flat in Temple waves and i use to get quick response from your people for my enquiries. I appreciate and wish to grow and expand to have foot prints across the globe.

Srinivasan. N

Hi team, I am really happy that Amarprakash is treating me as its own family member . I am impressed by Amarprakash's flexibility and commitment to the customers

Murugan G

It's my long cherished dream for three years to acquire a flat which has all basic amenities for present trend of lifestyle in affordable budget. Amarprakash come with the answer through "Palm Riviera".

E.Y. Ebrahim Yacub

Your staffs are very cordial and diligently handle every need of the customer.


Every time I arrive at my apartment the impressive sight of the apartment never fails to make a huge impact on us. I am pleased that AMARPRAKASH team has a real passion for what they do and take 100% care at every stage of the project.

ArunKumar Kasi

I have purchased a Flat from Amarprakash Builders in their "Royal Castle" project. I am extremely delighted by their approach, documentation, customer relationship and project designs. I wish Amarprakash Group all the best for all their projects.

Ravi Narayaan

Amarprakesh "The Heritage project" testimonial They have used the State- of- art technology in their construction with great care in quality and price within there proposed time Schedule. We are very much happy since they have given us a good gift for this deepavali.


I am a proud owner of a flat at Saffron Heights, Pallavaram. It is ideally located in close proximity to GST / OMR roads and well equipped with amenities like Gym, Library, Mini Theatre, provision for depatmental store, piped gas etc. Thanks to CRM / Site Supervisor who were always accessible whenever there is a need.

Seetharaman M V

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